If you’re human, you’ve had low self esteem.

We all deal with it. 

Every single one of us, even the ones you think haven’t.

What is Low Self Esteem?

Low self esteem is literally one of the main killers when it comes to relationships, and it’s not talked about enough because admitting you have insecurities isn’t ‘sexy’…therefore you shouldn’t talk about it.

In reality, so many of us wish we were ‘better’ than we think we really are and wearing a mask has become the normal way to cope with this. But pretending to be something you’re not actually creates anxiety within yourself. It also makes you feel even more disconnected from yourself until eventually you have no idea who ‘you’ even are anymore.

So how does low self-esteem affect your relationships?

When you have low self esteem it can be difficult to imagine and almost impossible to believe that you can actually create (and sustain) authentic, healthy relationships. You fear that in every relationship your partner will either; lose interest in you, cheat on you, or leave you. Maybe even a combination of the three.
So in an effort to protect yourself from getting hurt you assume dishonesty. You do this even with an honest partner when you have no reason to distrust them. Overtime this eventually breaks down the relationship.

When you hear a compliment you dismiss it because “they can’t really be serious.” Anytime someone appreciates your value you disregard it because it goes against what you believe is true.
This means you don’t receive your partner as they are because you believe you are unworthy. On top of continuously testing them to confirm your belief of not being good enough.

Your negative thoughts are helping to fuel your low self esteem, and your partner isn’t able to turn them off for you.

What Can I Do About It?

Self love is one of the most important paths to healthy relationships. Of course there are other things involved where good relationships are concerned, but as someone with low self esteem; working on loving yourself more will always be beneficial and it will better every relationship that you have. 

Starting with the most important, the one with yourself.

Repeat after me;

“I am worthy of love, I am enough, I am independent. I am loved for who I am and no one has the ability to change my worth.”
*Repeat this as many times as needed, as often as needed.

You can have the relationship of your dreams, start with yourself.

I believe in you.

Is this an issue in your relationships? Tell me about it in the comments!

If you’re struggling with low self esteem, I’d love to support you on your journey. Set up a call here and lets chat!

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