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Relationship Coaching is designed to help you develop better communication and relationship skills, to connect with the people you love, and to work through your existing issues.

Imagine feeling as if not one single person could unnerve, trigger, upset, intimidate, threaten, manipulate, or control you ever again, and the confidence that comes with that feeling. I work with my clients to define their relationship goals, and design action plans to achieve them. We work together to identify thought patterns, rules, and beliefs that are preventing you from having the relationship experiences you crave. Then, we work to help you choose new beliefs that promote success, love, support, abundance, communication, and happiness.

These might seem like new ideas–but relationship coaching has been changing people’s lives for decades. You may even recognize the name of prominent relationship coaches like Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanes and Mark & Magdali Peysha.

Not to worry though–there are no seminars here and you will work 1-on-1 with your coach to build the skills & relationships you’ve always wanted!


Frequently AskedQuestions

Connection Coaching is designed to improve your communication and relationship skills, and to help support you while you develop them. Relationship Coaching can help with trust, intimacy, and communication issues, for couples, singles, families, and professionals. It is even beneficial during separations and divorce, especially when co-parenting is involved.

Since every person and relationship is different, this will vary greatly, as people make changes at different paces, and need different levels of support. I generally recommend committing to either weekly or bi-weekly sessions for three months. However, how long you choose to work with a relationship coach is entirely up to you.

Connection Coaching works by helping clients define their relationship goals and design an action plan to achieve them, across all of their relationships. We go through your beliefs, values, and needs, dismantling any flawed assumptions to create space for the loving relationships you crave.

To get started with coaching, first you need to book a discovery call with me here! During this call, we will get to know each other a little, delve into some of your issues, and decide if we feel it would be a good fit. From here, we go through the options for continuing to work together, based on your individual needs.

I am a Certified Advanced Relationship Coach from Robbins-Madanes Training Centre–The official Coach Training Centre of Anthony Robbins

Communication will vary slightly, depending on your location. Sessions are held online over video or voice calls, and you will also have access to me via email and text between sessions.

Coaching sessions are $199 each. To get started with coaching, first you need to book a discovery call with me here!

Are you ready to create the relationships you've always wanted?