Love Can Be


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Relationships Are Confusing

Emotions Are Overwhelming

Communication Is Nerve-Wracking

Trust And Intimacy Are Terrifying


If you’re feeling frustrated, exhausted, and hopeless that your relationship will never improve--you no longer have to live like this.

Relationship Coaching is designed to help you develop better communication and relationship skills, to connect with the people you love, and to work through your existing issues.

Imagine feeling as if not one single person could unnerve, trigger, upset, intimidate, threaten, manipulate, or control you ever again, and the confidence that comes with that feeling. I work with my clients to define their relationship goals, and design action plans to achieve them. We work together to identify thought patterns, rules, and beliefs that are preventing you from having the relationship experiences you crave. Then, we work to help you choose new beliefs that promote success, love, support, abundance, communication, and happiness.

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About Victoria

I’m an Advanced Relationship Coach that specializes in helping my clients achieve their most fulfilling relationships, in every aspect of their lives.

While working within the fitness industry as a personal trainer and coach, I noticed that many people were using diet and exercise programs as a “band-aid” for issues in their relationships.

Wanting to help people with the root issue, I started working with clients on communication and relationship skills, to get deeper insights into the underlying issues that plague so many relationships.


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My CoachingApproach

Relationship Coaching, or Connection Coaching, is a future-focused program.

This means we don’t focus on the past, look for labels, or search for circumstances or people to blame for the unhappiness in the relationship.

Instead we assess the situation, determine the needs and desires of everyone involved, and plan the journey.

It’s important to remember that relationships are not “One Size Fits All.”

We are all different and unique in our own ways, so what suits one individual or couple is not necessarily suitable for others.